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Shakti Spore Swabs

Shakti Spore Swabs

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Shakti spore swabs from our friends at North Coast Myco stand as a premier choice for connoisseurs and researchers pursuing excellence in fungal genetics. These swabs are derived from carefully selected Shakti specimens, known for their distinctive characteristics and robust genetic profiles. Each package is thoughtfully prepared under stringent sterile conditions to preserve the integrity and viability of the spores, including two swabs to ensure ample application for various projects. These Shakti swabs are perfect for those interested in delving into the unique properties of this strain, offering a gateway to exploring its potential.

Please be advised that any active genetics available for purchase through Spore Store are intended solely for microscopy and educational purposes. These products are not intended for agricultural, horticultural, or any form of cultivation purposes. Our offerings are provided for the express purpose of allowing hobbyists, researchers, and educational institutions to observe the fascinating characteristics of spores under a microscope.

Customers are responsible for conducting thorough research and ensuring full compliance with their local regulations before purchasing. By purchasing, customers affirm that they will use these products in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of the mycology community and adhering to regulatory standards.

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